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Popular Pets provides a wealth of information about the captive care of snakes. Snakes are from the order Squamata, and share the order with Lizards. They are long reptiles without legs. Snakes strectch vary in length from a couple inches to many feet.
Snake skin is scaled, and remarkably elastic, allowing the snake to eat very large prey. Snakes do not have moveable eyelids or external ears either.

Snakes Library

Find everything you need to care for your snakes in our Snakes Library. There is information about the snake families, common snake diseases and treatments, breeding guides, general care for all snakes, snake pictures and much more snake information.

Snake Sections


Snakes Care Sheets

Need something a little more specific? Check out our Snake Care Sheets section. You can find specific characteristics, descriptions, stats and care information for you snake. The Snake Care Sheets cover everything from housing requirements to lighting needs to nutrition for snakes. If we are missing a species that interests you, visit our contact page to get in touch with us and we will do our best to create a care sheet about that species of snake. We also have a fast growing community of snake lovers over at our Snake Forums, that may be able to assist you with your snake.

New Snakes Info

Jun 18/07 We have updated a few of our Snake Picture pages.
May 14/07 Our Blood Python care sheet has been updated with new care info.
May 11/07 We have begun to update our snake care sheets.
May 09/07 Read all the new information that is now in our snake feeding area.
May 01/07 We have updated all of our Snake Diseases pages.
Apr 28/07 Review our new Rosy Boa care information on our care sheet.
Mar 21/07 We now have pictures of the infamous Desert Death Adder.
Mar 16/07 South-American Bushmaster pictures can now be seen.
Mar 13/07 Take a browse through our new Barba Amarilla pictures.
Mar 12/07 View our Green Anaconda pictures.
Mar 12/07 You can now view pictures of the Reticulated Python, Western Blind Snake and the Western Diamondback Rattler.
Mar 06/07 Pictures are now available of the Many Horned Adder and Mountain Horned Adder.
Mar 01/07 Take a look at our pictures of the Puerto Rican Boa.
Feb 28/07 View our pictures of the Horned Adder snake.
Feb 15/07 New pictures of the Argentine Boa.
Feb 11/07 The newest additon to our snake pictures section is the African Puff Adder pictures.
Feb 07/07 View our pictures of the Amazon Tree Boa.
Feb 06/07 We have been working hard on updating our Snake Pictures.
Feb 01/07 Our Snake Care Sheets have been updated.
Jan 27/07 The newest additon to our Snakes section is the Rough Green Snake care sheet.
Jan 27/07 We have updated our Westorm Worm Snake care sheet, as well as our Sand Boa care sheet.
Jan 22/07 Like humans, Snakes can also fall victim to Cancer.
Jan 21/07 Look at our pictures of the Asp Snake that were just added!

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