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Overgrown Teeth

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Overgrown teeth are a common problem in all rodents. The teeth of rodents will never stop growing throughout their lifetime which means that unless the rabbit takes care of their own teeth they will inevitabely become overgrown. As the rabbit gets older the likelyhood of teeth problems increases drastically. Not only can the teeth become overgrown but they can also start to grow crooked.

Providing your rabbit with plenty of objects inside its cage to chew on will help reduce the chances of their teeth becoming overgrown. Chewing on a hard block of wood is much better for them than chewing on the bars in their cage. Chewing on the bars can cause crooked and chipped teeth over time.

When clipping the trimming the teeth of a rabbit you must take great care to not cut the gums or tongue of the rabbit. To do this it is likely that you will require assitance from another person who can hold the rabbit still while you clip the teeth. Taking the rabbit to a veterinarian is also another option as they would likely have experience in performing this procedure.


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