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Overgrown Nails

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Nails or claws that have grown too long easily become caught on a variety of objects that a rabbit can come in contact with. If wire mesh is used to enclose the rabbit the claws can become caught in it. When a rabbit gets caught up on something it has a tendency to panick and act frantically. This poses a danger because they run the risk of tearing the claw from their foot. If you notice a particular item in your rabbits cage that they are getting their claws caught on you may wish to remove that item.

The best way to ensure that a rabbits nails do not become overgrown is to pay attention to them and clip as necessary. You can also try placing a piece of sand paper in the enclosure in the hopes that the rabbit will use it to sand their own claws down. This is much safer than having to clip them.

If they are far too long you can attempt to cut them yourself or have a veterinarian do it for you. If you decide to cut them yourself take care that you do not injure the rabbit in the process of doing so. Rabbits have nerves in their nails close to their paws but these nerves can grow further as the nails grow.


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