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Heat Stroke

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Just like other small rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils) rabbits are quite susceptible to heat stroke. The best way to avoid heat stroke altogether is to pay close attention to the conditions that your rabbit is living in.

During the summer months beware not to place your rabbit in a room that is hot or has a lot of direct sunlight. You may even consider placing your rabbit in the cooler basement during the warm periods of the year. If the rabbit must be placed in an area with direct sunlight be sure to provide it with ample shade that it can use to avoid the heat.

Although heat stroke can have disastrous effects, it can be successfully treated if caught early enough. The first step to take is to bathe the rabbit in cool water. After you have lowered its temperature it will be time to take it to the veterinarian to ensure nothing else needs to be done.

In the following days you will need to ensure that the rabbit has plenty of food and water. Also ensure that you do not cause it any unnecessary stress so that it can recover at its own pace.


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