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Although hairballs are most commonly known to occur in cats, certain rabbits can also form hairballs in their stomachs. The problem with rabbits though is that they cannot vomit which causes the hairballs to stay in their stomach indefinitely. Cats are able to vomit which allows them to expell the hairballs from their body.

If the formation of hairballs is severe enough it can continue to build up in the stomach and take so much room that the rabbit will not have much room left for food. This extreme of a hairball case takes a great deal of time to build up with rabbits.

If the hairballs are in an early state giving a couple tablespoons of pineapple juice to your rabbit on a daily basis can help to break down the hairballs. The acid within the pineapple juice has been known to break down the balls of hair into a material that can be digested by the rabbit.


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