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General Rabbit Care Information

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Regardless of what kind of environment you have your rabbit housed in, it is necessary to do a complete cleaning of it once per week. Remove the rabbit from the enclosure and empty out the substrate. You can then replace the substrate with fresh hay or wood shavings. You should also clean the rabbits house throughout the week as needed. Cleaning the cage on a weekly basis will help greatly to reduce the risk of your rabbit getting fleas or other parasites.


Most pet stores sell food which is specially prepared for rabbits. This food should make up their core diet. They will also require an abundance of hay which is vital to the function of their digestive system. Fruits and vegetables can also be fed to your rabbit on a daily basis. A good variety of food is required to keep your rabbit healthy by ensuring that it is receiving all the vitamins it needs.


When you remove your rabbit from the cage to do its weekly cleaning you should check it over for any signs of sickness. If you observe any abnormalities check with your veternarian immediately. It is also important to check your rabbits teeth and nails regularly to ensure that they are not becoming overgrown. Both of these are common problems in pet rabbits. Be sure to look at our rabbit health section for information about a wide range of diseases that rabbits can contract.

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