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Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are often known as bunnies to people around the world. Rabbits have been a part of human culture for 1000 years, and are kept as pets worldwide. Our Rabbit Care Information covers everything you need to provide proper care for these lovable pets.

Rabbit Sections


Rabbit Pictures

Our Rabbit Pictures page contains links to pictures of all the most common domestic rabbits. We have also includes pages for pictures of wild rabbits. We are always looking for more pictures of rabbits so contact us if you would like to see your rabbit pictures posted on our website.

Rabbits vs Hares

Rabbits differ from hares in the sense that rabbits have young that cannot care for themselves at birth because they are born blind and without hair on their bodies. In biology the term used to describe this is altricial. Rabbits are clearly the species which has been domesticated as you would be hard pressed to find someone keeping a hare as a pet. The focus of our website is domesticated rabbits although you will find some information about wild rabbits as well.

Updates to Rabbits

May 06/07 Read our updated rabbit health information.
May 05/07 Often rabbits will get overgrown teeth as they get older.
Apr 28/07 Our General Care section has more rabbits care information.
Mar 12/07 Beware of Overgrown Nails on your pet rabbit.
Mar 12/07 Dogs aren't the only pets that can get Fleas.
Mar 06/07 Learn about how to care for rabbits with Heat Stroke.
Jan 30/07 Our Rabbit pictures section now contains the Mini Lop.
Jan 24/07 Learn about how to care for Rabbits with Hairballs.
Jan 21/07 Take a look at our new Rabbit Health section.
Jan 19/07 We have updated all of our Rabbit Pictures.

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