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Egg Binding in Lizards

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Egg binding in lizards is a potentially very dangerous condition that must be treated early. Common causes for egg binding include primarily stress and conditions inside its habitat.

The lizard will look for a suitable place to lay its eggs and if it cannot find one it will hold on to them indefinitely. Sand is required for most female lizards so that they can dig into it and lay their eggs.

Stress levels of your lizard are also a leading cause of egg binding. If the lizard feels a great deal of stress in its surroundings it will not be comfortable enough to lay the eggs. Besides a lack of suitable egg laying sites this is probably the most common cause of egg binding.

If you have a female lizard pay attention to the cloacal region for swelling as this is often the only sign you will receive before it is too late. Unfortunately egg binding is usually diagnosed only during autopsy when it is obviously too late to do anything about it.

If you suspect your lizard is egg bound check the cloacal region for swelling. If egg binding is indeed the case, surgery is most likely the only thing that can save your lizard. The surgeon will remove the eggs from the lizard before they cause more harm.


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