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Lizards with Cuts

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Most of the time that a lizard is cut it is caused by something in its cage. Sometimes this will be due to a sharp object being present and other times it is simply from continual rubbing against a surface.

The stress level of a lizard usually contributes to it becoming cut. If it feels stressed it is possible that it move eradically and cause harm to itself accidentally. Furthermore, if it is under long periods of stress the lizard may attempt to escape from its enclosure which can also cause injury.

If the cut is just a small nick you likely will be able to deal with it yourself. Ensure the wound is clean at all times and monitor your lizard to ensure it is not causing it a great deal of pain. If the cut is worse veterinarian attention will be necessary. The veterinarian will likely apply an antibiotic solution to the affected area. If the cut is already infected injectable antibiotics are likely necessary. Furthermore, if the cut is opened wide your lizard may even require stitches.


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