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Feeding Lizards

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When feeding insects to your lizard ensure that the insects are not too large for your lizard to handle. Larger lizards will not have a problem but this is particularly important for smaller lizards. For most lizards it is usually recommended that you feed them mostly crickets but a variety is still important.


Herbivorous or omnivorous lizards should be fed a wide variety of plants. This will ensure that they receive the entire spectrum of nutrients in equal supply. Providing them with a good variety will also keep them from becoming bored with their food and refusing to eat.


Although all lizards have individulal vitamin and nutrient requirements most will require some sort of a supplement at regular intervals. It is suggested that you dust most or all of the lizards food with both a multivitamin and calcium supplement.
Note: For specific feeding information you should always refer to a guide that was developed particularly for your species of lizard.

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