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Lizard Picture

Lizards very greatly in shape, size and color. Lizards are found in many different climates around the world, and each lizard species has adapted differently to be able to handle their respective environments. Lizards are one of the most interesting animals because of their appearance and habits.

Lizards Library

As our lizards library grows we will be adding care sheets for individual lizard species, information on lizard health and much much more. Be sure to check our lizard library for the newest information. Our most popular Lizards section is probably the lizard pictures. We feature a list of many common and not so common lizard species along with pictures of each.

Lizard Sections


New Additions to the Lizards Section

May 14/07 We just added pictures of the popular Carolina Anole.
May 08/07 Sometimes lizards will form problems with their skin.
May 07/07 We have updated all our our lizard health and disease pages.
Apr 30/07 Sometimes your lizard will become cut.
Apr 19/07 You can now learn how to properly feed your lizard.
Apr 18/07 Learn why lizards may run into nutrition issues.
Mar 09/07 We have added a picture of the Knight Anole lizard.
Jan 20/07 New Definitions are being added everyday so check back often.
Jan 13/07 You will find a new article about Tail Loss in Lizards.
Jan 13/07 Take a look at the all new Lizards Health & Diseases section.

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