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Wet Tail

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The scientific name for hamster wet tail is Proliferative ileitis. The bacteria which is responsible for causing wet tail in hamsters also causes intestinal diseases in dogs and ferrets among other animals. Hamsters that are under 2 months old are most commonly affected by this disease although it can happen to hamsters of any age. Teddy-Bear hamsters (or any hamster with long hair) are the most susceptible to wet tail.

Common signs include a lack of personal hygiene on the hamsters part, glossy or sunken eyes, soiled anal area and overall lethargy. Any combination of these signs usually indicates wet tail.

Time is of the essence if you suspect your hamster has wet tail. Death commonly occurs within the first 48 hours after the hamster has contracted the disease. Treatment options include anti-biotics and some sort of fluid replacement. Luckily for hamster caregivers this disease cannot be transmitted to humans.


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