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Teeth Problems

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The teeth of rodents grow continuously and since hamsters are rodents their teeth also continue to grow over the course of their lives. Wood chews provided to your hamster will help your hamster to keep its teeth at an appropriate length and growing straight. Hamsters are also known to chew on the bars of its cage in an attempt to stop their teeth from growing too long. This is not helpful overall for the hamster though because this can chip the hamsters tooth or cause it to grow in crooked.

If the teeth of your hamster do grow too long they can be clipped. This procedure can be performed yourself but it is safer if you have a veterinarian that is willing to do it. Great caution must be taken to ensure that you do not accidentally cut the tongue of your hamster. As hamsters grow older some of them will naturally grow curved or crooked teeth which will require regular clipping. In this case it is probably better to learn how to do it yourself by having the veterinarian show you. This way you will not need to take your hamster on a regular basis which sometimes can be as often as weekly. Again, the most important thing to remember when clipping your hamsters teeth is to take great care in ensuring you do not injure it. The hamster will probably be nervous while this procedure is being performed so you may have to have someone help stabilize the hamster while you clip the tooth or teeth.


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