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Tapeworms make their home within the intestines of hamsters and other small pets. Tapeworms are especially dangerous because they are infectious not only to other hamsters or other pets but also to humans. If you suspect your hamster does have tapeworms ensure that you clean your hands thoroughly after touching anything inside the hamsters enclosure. If other hamsters are housed with the infected hamster they are at great risk of contracting tapeworms. It is advised that you move the infected hamster to a quarantine cage as soon as possible. You will then need to change and dissinfect all materials in the first cage to ensure you can eliminate the tapeworms altogether.

In their early stages, tapeworms are very hard to detect because they may not immediately cause any damage to the hamster. In their later stages they can cause severe weight lose in the hamster because the hamster will be unable to eat properly. If you feel that your hamster may have tapeworms the only way to confirm it is to take a fecal sample to your veternarian for analysis. If tapeworms are confirmed by your veternarian they will be able to suggest a treatment.


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