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Like most other animals, hamsters can suffer from strokes. More often than not, they commonly occur at night, while they are active in their cage. The usual signs of stroke are an inability to walk in a straight line, as they will appear to walk in a slight circle, they will keep their head tilted, and may fall over repeatedly.

It is possible for a hamster to recover from a stroke. Careful and watchful care over them needs to be done for this to be possible. A hamster suffering from a stroke will most likely 'forget' to eat and drink, and this needs to be facilitated for them. The most important thing for them to recover is food and water. If you notice your hamster not eating, you will need to hand feed them, and take them to their water.

If taken care of properly, your hamsters health should begin to improve in a few days. You should see an increase in appetite, and they will being eating by themselves more and more, and they will start to walk straighter.

If no improvement is noticable, take your hamster to the vet immediately so that they can evaluate its condition.


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