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Skin Infections

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Fungi is the most common cause of skin infections in hamsters. Mites, mange and ringworms are the most common diseases which result in various forms of skin infections.

It is possible that the skin will start to lose its fur either in small blotches or large patches. Extremely dry and flaky skin is also common when it comes to skin infections. Not only can the infection cause the skin to become irritated but chances are after the onset of an infection the hamster will scratch the affected area continuously.

If you have recently changed something in the hamsters environment it can cause an allergic reaction in the hamster which can result in an infection of the skin. You may wish to remove any newly added items first to see if the condition improves. Otherwise, you will have to take the hamster to your veterinarian who can perform tests on the hamster to determine the cause of the infection. Your veterinarian will also be able to recommend a treatment for the hamster to ensure the infection clears up. This may or may not include antibiotics depending on the type of infectino that your hamster has.

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