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Hamsters, just like humans can suffer from Shock after a severe fall or injury. If you were not there to witness how the injury occured and there are no physical signs it can be very difficult to pinpoint the cause. Regardless the hamster must be taken care of properly which involves slowly rubbing it to warm it up and promote the circulation of blood. After it has warmed up slightly place it in an area by itself which sould be warmer than usual and very quiet. If you do not notice signs of improvement within half an hour or so seek immediate veternarian attention.

If the hamster was knocked unconscious you can still take the same steps outlined above but immediate veterinarian attention will be much more important. The best way to avoid injuries of this sort are to ensure that the cage they live in is free from potential hazards that could cause a fall or injury. Also, children tend to be rough with hamsters and other small pets as they do not realize how easily they can be injured. It is recommeneded that an adult supervise all children anytime they remove the hamster from the cage to play with it.

If your hamster has a hamster ball that they use outside of the cage ensure that the hamster cannot roll itself down any stairs as this is likely to cause serious injury.


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