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Rectal Prolapse

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If your hamster has a severe or prolonged case of diarrohea or constipation, it is possible that rectal prolapse can occur. The straining of the rectum can cause the intestine to come out the anus. It many cases, a veterinarian can massage the intestine back into the hamsters rectum. If the intestine is damaged however, they may not be able to and surgery may be necessary to save the life of your hamster. In extreme cases the intestine may be so badly damaged that surgery may not even be possible. This stresses the point that when it comes to your pets health time is of the essense when it becomes ill.

The easiest way to prevent this is to watch your hamster when they seem to have diarrohea or constipation. If rectal prolapse occurs, take your hamster to the veterinarian immediately before it has a chance to get worse. Quick action can prevent damage to the intestine, ensuring the longterm health of your hamster remains good.


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