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Overgrown Nails

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From time to time a hamster's nails may get too long and potentially even curl under the toe, this is refered to as an overgrown nail. Some breeds of hamster do in general have long nails so be sure to research your particular species of hamster.

In general, the best idea is to seek treatment from a veternarian if your hamster's nails are overgrown. However, it some cases it is possible to treat the hamster yourself. The first way is to line a portion of the cage with sandpaper in the hopes that the hamster will use it to file its own nails down. Alternatively, you can line a box with sandpaper and place the hamster in the box for a while. Secondly, it may be possible to file the nails down of your hamster yourself. Generally, this requires the use of two people so that one person can hold the hamster while the other concentrates on filing or cutting the nails down. Standard nail clippers that you use yourself should suffice to cut the nails.

Special care must be taken when doing this to ensure you do not cut the nails too far at one time because you may expose the nerve and cause bleeding. You may wish to have your veterinarian show you how to cut the nails the first time so that you learn the proper techniques to avoid injury.


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