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Old Age

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After your hamster reaches one year of age it is possible that it will start to exhibit some signs of old age such as fur and weight loss. The one year point is the earliest that you should start to see these signs in your hamster although usually they do not happen until two or sometimes even three years. If you notice these signs earlier than one year you should seek the advice of a veternarian as it may not be simply a case of old age with your hamster and another disease or infection may be present.

If your hamster appears to be becoming less active and sleeping more frequently or for longer periods of time, it is important to handle it less and reduce the amount of exercise it receives. As the age of a hamster increases it becomes more and more important to regularly check the teeth to ensure that they are not overgrown or growing crooked. Many diseases are more common in hamsters of an older age so it will also be important to constantly monitor the activity and health of the hamster as its age progresses.

Read through our hamster health section for advice regarding specific diseases and the signs of each. This will help greatly in pinpointing the cause of various diseases and help you catch on to early warning signs that your hamster may exhibit.


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