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Hamsters with Mites

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The most common way for your hamster to get mites is from contact with other hamsters or animals that already have mites. They can also contract mites from hay or other material that already has them before they are put into the hamsters cage.

The first thing you will notice with a hamster that has mites is their skin will become irritated. They may even loss some fur in heavily infected areas. Depending on the type of mite you may have difficulty seeing them on the surface of your hamster. However, other mites are visible as little specks of black crawling slowly on the skin of the hamster.

The best way to rid your hamster of the mites is to go to the pet store and find a mite spray. Also make sure you clean the cage out well or the hamster will become reinfected as soon as it is reintroduced to the cage. All items that were in the hamsters cage should be thoroughly disinfected and the wood chips should be changed completely. You may also wish to throw out any hay or wood chips that you had when the hamster first became infected with mites in case that was the source of the parasites.

If the mites are allowed to infect your hamster over a period of time a condition called mange can occur which can leave lasting effets on your hamster. Be sure to be proactive when it comes to mites and other parasitic infections in your hamster.


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