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Hamsters with Mange

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Over time mites can cause a serious condition in hamsters known as mange. Mange will cause your hamster to become very itchy and will be scratching itself almost constantly. It can cause severe fur loss and cause the skin to become very dry. Usually the skin affected by mange first is the skin on the hamsters back but it will quickly spread to the face and then all other surface areas in a relatively short period of time.

If you believe that your hamster has mange, isolate it from any other creatures since mange is easily transmitted between hamsters and other animals. Replace all the hay or substrate in the cage and thoroughly dissinfect it. You should seek the advice of a veternarian immediately. The veternarian can quickly determine whether your hamster has mange or not by doing a simple skin scrape. With this skin scraping the veterinarian can put it under a microscope to easily determine whether there are mites or not.


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