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Genetic Deformities

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There are certain genetic deformities which are present in hamsters and can be passed along to their offspring. If hamsters with these diseases are bred they will have a high chance of passing those diseases onto their offspring. For this reason it is recommended that you ensure any hamster with genetic deformities does not have the opportunity to do so.

Usually, there is little or nothing that you can do for your hamster but to ensure that it is taken care of properly. A special hamster cage may need to be designed and care must be taken when selected objects and toys to place inside the cage for the hamster. Hamsters with serious genetic deformities should not be placed with other hamsters as the other hamsters may cause it too much stress and potentially even hurt it.

If the hamster is significantly hampered by its deformity or you suspect that it may be causing your hamster pain, euthanasia may be the only option. Obviously, consultation with a veternarian is a required first step before taking any action yourself.


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