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Eye Problems

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Eye infections are fairly common in hamsters. Signs of eye infections include runny, sticky or cloudy eyes. If you suspect that your hamster does have an eye infection the first step is to try rinsing out the hamsters eye 2 or 3 times a day by using distilled or boiled water administered by an eye dropper. Be sure that the water has cooled down to room temperature before using it on the hamster. If after a few days of this treatment the infection does not appear to get any better it is time to take the hamster to the veterinarian.

Since a hamsters eyesight is naturally very bad anyways, loosing an eye does not have as much effect on a hamster as it would on a human. Hamsters can lose an eye for various reasons including genetic deformities and accidents.

These hamsters will adapt to the reduction in vision although you should beware of how other hamster interact with the injured hamster if they are housed together. Hamsters do not always treat hamsters with genetic deformities the same as they would other hamsters.


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