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Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamsters are the most likely hamsters to fall victim to diabetes. Luckily diabetes is not as common as it was at one point due to many breeders making efforts to eliminate it from their breeding lines. In the past diabetes was extremely common in pet hamsters and put a large amount of hamster owners into the unfortunate situation of having to care for a diabetic hamster.

Hamsters which have diabetes are known to frequently urniate and drink more water than usual. As the condition progresses they may also start to tremble or shake. For this reason veternarian advice must be sought for your hamster. In the mean time just ensure that your hamster remains in a comfortable temperature level and has plenty of water to drink. Because of the frequent urination and increased water intake it will be necessary to clean the cage far more often that for a healthy hamster.

Treatment most often involves the administration of a sugar-free diet. Since all commercially prepared hamster mixes have sugar of some sort it is likely you will have to develop your own. Read through our hamster feeding section to learn more about what goes into making a good hamster mix. The most important thing to remember when making your own hamster food is to ensure the mix contains a wide variety of food to give the hamster a balanced diet. You may also wish to add vitamin supplements to the mix to make up for a lack of certain vitamins that commercially prepared mixes have.


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