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Yes, even hamsters can have cancer form within them. Like humans, the older the hamster is the greater they are at risk of forming cancer. Females hamsters are also more likely than males to form cancer because they are at risk to various forms of cancer that form in their reproductive systems.

If the form of cancer your hamster contracts involves an external tumor it is quite possible for a veterinarian to remove it and it will be visible early on. The same array of drugs that humans use to prevent reoccurrence just are not available to hamsters so there is not much you can do but remove the tumor and hope that it does not reform.

On the other hand, if the cancer is formed internally it is much more difficult to remove in hamsters. Internal cancer at times is impossible to diagnose early on and it may be too late for the hamster by the time it is discovered. The organs in a hamster are much smaller which makes operating on them much more difficult. Furthermore, often the cancer forms in areas that are inaccessible without causing great harm to the hamster. In addition, it can be very costly to operate on hamsters, which is why euthanasia is such a popular selection when it comes to hamsters with cancer. Some owners instead decide to leave the hamster be and let it live out its natural life without the added complications and cost of surgery. A consultation with your veterinarian should be able to help you determine what action if any to take.


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