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Bladder Stones

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It can be very hard to detect bladder stones in your hamster. They form within the urinary tract, however only if they are actually in the bladder will they be detected by a veterinarian. Thus, bladder stones may be forming within the hamster and even though the hamster may have just been thoroughly checked out by a veterinarian it may still be unknown. X-rays can sometimes however locate bladder stones but usually not if they are just beginning to form.

There are a few signs that you can look for in your hamster to detect the formation of bladder stones:
- Frequent urination of your hamster
- Urination seems to be causing a strain on your hamster
- Blood appears in the hamster’s urine

Some veterinarians will be able to remove the stones from your hamster. If it was a human experiencing bladder stones they would be recommended to change their diet to dissolve the stones and prevent reoccurrence, with hamsters this is just not always practical.


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