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Hamster Health & Diseases


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Regardless of how well you take care of your hamster, it is still possible for it to become sick with one or more of a variety of diseases. Browse through our hamster diseases so that you have a better idea of how to care for your hamster in the unfortunate event that it does become ill.You will then be able to keep the hamster healthy in the future.
- Abscesses - Nutritional Deficiencies
- Allergies - Old Age
- Bladder Stones - Overgrown Nails
- Cancer - Papova
- Diabetes - Rectal Prolapse
- Ear Infections - Ringworm
- Euthanasia - Shock
- Eye Problems - Skin Infections
- Fur Loss - Stroke
- Genetic Deformites - Susceptible to Diseases
- Hibernation

- Tapeworms

- Hip Spots - Teeth Problems
- Lung Infection - Vaginal Bleeding
- Mange - Wet Tail
- Mites  
If your hamster is suffering from any disease which either may or may not be listed here be sure to visit our Hamster Forums to talk to our knowledgable and ever-growing community.

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