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Handling Hamsters

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When hamsters are handled carefully from a young age they rarely bite and generally do not mind being handled as they grow older. While frequent handling is a good idea be sure that you are extremely careful with them and that you do not handle the hamster excessively. If you notice that the hamster is trying to avoid your grasp it is time to place it gently back into its cage.

Sometimes children will be rough with the hamster when handling it which may cause it to bite and lose trust with human handling. A hamster can also gain this kind of personality if it is suddenly awakened or disturbed on a regular basis.

If you are unaware of the temperament of the hamster it is advised to use a glove or towel to pick the hamster up in the beginning until you can see how it handles it. Although they may be small creatures their bites can hurt and certainly draw blood.


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