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Hamsters Picture

Hamsters are a member of the subfamily Cricetinae and are rodents. Hamsters are one of the easiest animals to care for and breed in captivity which is a main reason why hamsters are so popular among pet keepers.

Hamsters Library

Our collection of hamster information has been organized into logical categories including hamster pictures and hamster diseases. When caring for any type of animal it is important to read as much as possible about caring for them to ensure that your hamster is as healthy as can be.

Hamster Sections


New Hamsters Info

New information about hamsters will be added once or twice per week so check back frequently for the newest additions to our hamster section!


Hamster Housing

There are many variations of terrariums and cages available at pet stores for Hamsters or other small rodents. Often you will find cages which have many add-on parts avaible to change the configuration of the cage or connect two together. This provides you with the ability to create a unique environment for your hamsters. A hamster wheel is a great additon to any terrarium and will ensure there is a way for your hamsters to exercise.

Hamster Additions

Aug 27/07 Our Chinese Hamster info sheet has been updated.
July 10/07 We now have hamster wheel pictures.
Jun 25/07 Read about hamsters who have nutritional deficiencies.
May 25/07 Hip spots on hamsters are usually not a cause for concern.
May 09/07 Read our updated guide on handling hamsters.
Apr 18/07 We have updated a few articles from our Hamster Health section.
Apr 11/07 The European Hamster is the largest hamster around.
Apr 10/07 Dwarf Hamsters are a very popular breed of hamster.
Mar 29/07 Read about keeping a clean cage for your hamster to live in.
Mar 12/07 View our pictures of Hamster Cages and Hamster Wheels.
Mar 11/07 Read about new hamster diseases including Eye Problems, Papova and Skin Infections.
Mar 09/07 Read about the effects of Ear Infections in hamsters.
Mar 09/07 Learn more about treating hamsters with Diabetes.
Mar 08/07 Read about hamsters with Abscesses and Teeth Problems.
Mar 08/07 Take a look at our Chinese Hamster info sheet.
Mar 08/07 Read over our Syrian Hamster info sheet.
Mar 06/07 Hamsters occasionally obtain Tapeworms which are infectious.
Mar 05/07 View our pictures of the Pearl Winter White Dwarf Russian Hamster and the Mouse-Like Hamster.
Feb 24/07 More pictures have been added to our Hamsters sections.
Feb 08/07 Read about hamsters with Wet Tail.
Feb 02/07 Our newest addition to Hamsters is the housing section.
Jan 24/07 Read about how to properly handle Hamsters.
Jan 18/07 Hamsters are naturally susceptible to various diseases.
Jan 17/07 Hamsters can have bladder stones form in them just like humans.
Jan 10/07 Having a hamster with cancer is not as rare as you may think.

Caring for Hamsters

Caring for hamsters can be difficult at times, but overall hamsters are one of the easiest pets to care for. Take a look at our general hamster care section for information about grooming, feeding and water for your hamsters. Pay particular care to children taking care of hamsters. Children have a tendency to be rough when handling hamsters.

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