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Guinea Pig Housing

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Providing proper housing for guinea pigs plays a vital role in their longterm health. They will need enough space so they can get their exercise and perform their daily routines. Male guinea pigs will likely require a larger cage as they tend to me more active than females.

When deciding on what to use for an enclosure for your guinea pig keep in mind that it must be made of a material that the guinea pig cannot easily chew through. You will also need to choose a material that will not easily rust. Many guinea pig owners like to use wire mesh on all sides to create an enclosure. This does help to keep their cage clean but this can cause serious problems with the feet of the guinea pig by walking on this wire everyday.

Keeping the cage clean is also an important factor in reducing the risk of disease and infection. You should try to tidy the cage throughout the week and do a full cleaning at least once weekly. If you allow the enclosure to go any longer than that without cleaning parasites and bacteria are much more likely to accumulate.


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