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The face of a guinea pig is the most often affected area when a ringworm infection occurs. Patches of hair will usually be lost which generally is quite evident. Ringworm is actually a fungus which attacks the skin of guinea pigs. Not only does hair loss occur but the skin will quickly become dry and flaky.

Veterinarian attention will be needed not only to confirm it is ringworm affecting the guinea pig but also to prescribe the appropriate medication. Action should be taken immediately because ringworm can easily spread to humans via direct contact with an infected guinea pig. Other household pets can also transport the ringworm fungus although they may not be affected by the infection.

The spores which come from the fungus that causes ringworm can survive for many months. You will need to completely clean and disinfect the guinea pigs cage or they are likely to become reinfected.

In cases where the ringworm has not progressed very far treatment may not be necessary to help your guinea pig recover. Simply cleaning that cage and tending to the injured skin on the guinea pig may be sufficient.


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