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As far as bacteria infections go, pneumonia is probably the most common in guinea pigs.The most common causes for pneumonia are an overall lack of proper care resulting in high levels of stress or reduced effectiveness of the immune system. Inappetence, lethargy and difficulty breathing are the most common signs of pneumonia in a guinea pig.

Once pneumonia starts to set in, your guinea pig may also appear to be disoriented as it may walk in a circle or tilt its head to one side. That is because inner ear infections are likely to form as a result of pneumonia which will throw the guinea pigs balance off. Guinea pigs as well as most other small animals rely very heavily upon the delicate balance in their ears to blance the rest of their body.

Pneumonia is caused by bacteria that has infected the respiratory system of your guinea pig. If your guinea pig does in fact have pneumonia a trip to the veternarian will be required. The sooner you can get it there the better. Only a veternarian can prescribe the right medication and offer the proper advice to ensure your guinea pig gets better.


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