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Mites are common parasites that infest various pets that are kept around the house. If the infestation is allowed to progress skin irritation will occur and will only get worse as time progresses. The skin will most likely become flaky and irritated over time and your guinea pig will experience varying degrees of hair loss.

Veterinarian assitance will be required to cure the mite infestation. Injectable drugs are almost always prescribed once the veterinarian confirms the diagnosis. Skin scarpings work well to confirm that mites are present. As mentioned above mites cause severe irritation to the skin of the guinea pig so it is advised that you change the substrate from wood shavings to something that is more comformatble for the guinea pig.

You will want to change the substrate anyways because the mites could also be in it which will not help to rid your guinea pig of the infestation. While you are at it, you are highly advised to disinfect the entire enclosure to ensure no mites remain.


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