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Lice are a very common disease in not only guinea pigs but most other rodents which are kept around the house as pets. Due to their very small size lice can be difficult to see without the aid of a microscope.

The lice parasites actually bite small holes in the skin of the guinea pigs which causes minute amounts of bodily fluids to expell through these holes. The lice survive by consuming this fluid while they are living on the guinea pig. Depending on the degree of infestation you may or may not see this blood on the surface of your guinea pig.

Veterinarian assitance is recommended if you suspect a lice infestation because they can not only confirm the diagnosis by either provide you with or recommend a shampoo which can eliminate the lice problem. After you have eliviated the infestation be sure to thoroughly clean the guinea pigs cage. Failure to do so can leave lice in the enclosure which can attach back to the guinea pig once it is placed back in its cage.


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