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Intestinal Infections

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Although they are not common parasites that live within the intestines of your guinea pig can cause considerable damage.

If the parasite infestation has had time to progress chances are your guinea pig will become weak and lethargic. This accompanied with a significant drop in their food intake will likely be the first signs that you will notice. They will eat less not only because it hurts to eat but also because it is hard for them to digest their food as the parasites will begin to fill the intestines. Unfortunately there are certain types of parasites that can live within your guinea pig for extended periods of time with little or no signs even though they may be causing moderate amounts of pain to your guinea pig.

Veterinarian assistance will be required for intestinal infections. A stool sample performed by the veterinarian will confirm the diagnosis. This will allow the vet to prescribe the proper medication and give you a plan to help the guinea pig recover.


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