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Heat Stroke

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GuineapPigs which are overweight are at the greatest risk of getting heat stroke. As with all animals of this size heat stroke can be a very damaging and deadly condition. This is one of the reasons that you should never place a Guinea Pig's cage next to a window that has sunlight come in it. If it must be in a room where there is alot of sunshine be sure to give it plenty of shade to lay in.

If your house is very hot during the summer months you can place a fan that blows slowly by the habitat or even mist the cage a couple of times per day. This is especially important on the really hot summer days. Be sure that you do not place your guinea pig by an open window to try to counteract the heat. This can cause a significant draft that they will have a hard to escaping from.

Guinea Pigs who are just feeling the onset of heat stroke will pant and rarely move around their cage. As the condition progresses these signs will become more and more noticable. If you suspect your Guinea Pig does have heat stroke place it in cool water and then take it to the veternarian.


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