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Foot Infections

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Feet infections are common in some types of pet guinea pigs. This is especially true for guinea pigs that walk directly on the wire that makes up the bottom of their cage. Open wounds on their feet can also cause infections if left untreated.

One of the best ways to avoid this is by placing a flat piece of wood across the floor of the cage to avoid direct contact with the wires. You can then place your wood shavings on top of this. This will work well to reduce the stress of your guinea pigs daily activities on their feet.

The feet of guinea pigs that are infected will typically be swollen and the swelling will get worse over time. The guinea pig may also be reluctant to move around the cage as movement will cause pain.

Antibiotics will most likely be required to clear up the infection which will require consultation with a veterinarian. Most of the time the veterinarian will dress the feet in bandages or gauze to protect the feet while they are recovering. You will need to change this regularly as it is likely the guinea pig will try to remove it. If the infection is allowed to progress arthritis is an unfortunate consequence.


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