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Feeding Guinea Pigs

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Commercially made guinea pig chow is the best choice for food for your guinea pig. The manufacturers of this food have taken the time to ensure their food has the proper ingredients and nutrients for your guinea pig. This is true for most types of rodents. They may seem like simple creatures but if their diet requirements

One thing to note however is that the Vitamin C that is in this commercially prepared food will subside over time. This makes it necessary to add a Vitamin C supplement to your guinea pigs food to ensure it is getting those much needed vitamins.

In addition to the guinea pig chow you may want to feed your guinea pigs small amounts of fruits, leafy greens and even hay. This will ensure that they recieve a balanced diet and a full range of vitamins. Hay is one of the best foods to feed them in abundance as too much will cause little harm besides weight loss. Hay is also very healthy for them and when being fed this they usually self-regulate their intake.


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