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Gerbil Housing

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Gerbils are very small animals and thus do not require a large amount of room for a habitat. A 15 to 20 gallon aquarium tank is usually plent to house one or two gerbils in. As with all pets a larger area is always better and will allow you to give them more toys to play with. Gerbils are good at both climbing and jumping meaning that whatever enclosure you decide to use for them should have a secure top on it.

Many hamster owners like to place a hamster wheel inside their gerbils cage which will give your gerbil some much needed exercise. However, gerbils have a tendency to get their tails caught in the spacing within the wheel so make sure that either the spacing is not too wide or that you cover the holes up.

Gerbils love to burrow because that is what they naturally do in the wild. To facilitate this when keeping them as a pet you should provide them with a large amount of wood shavings on the bottom of their cage. These wood shavings should be taller than the gerbil is so that it can cover itself entirely.


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