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Tapeworms in their early stages generally do not cause much harm or noticable signs in gerbils. The problem with this is that it is very hard to detect them until the parasitic infection has gotten out of hand. At that point the gerbil will have a tough time eating because the tapeworms will have practically filled their intestines. Since the intestines of gerbils are not very wide it does not take a great deal of tapeworms to plug them.

A veterinarian visit is almost always required for gerbils that have been infected with tapeworms. There are some commercially available products that claim to remove the tapeworms but your best bet is to take it to the vet to ensure that the parasites are removed completely.

Please remember that tapeworms can in fact be transferred to humans so take care when handling hamsters that may be infected with tapeworms. Since there may be very few signs of tapeworms early on in the infection it is important that you always wash your hands after handling your gerbil just in case they do have this or any other infection. If your veterinarian confirms the tapeworm diagnosis you are recommended to have yourself tested as well.


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