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Tail Lesions

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Improper handling of gerbils, particularly by children is the leading cause of tail lesions including tail breaks and fur loss. Children who have not been trained properly in handling gerbils will often pick the animals up by their tails which causes great strain on the tail joint.

Gerbils that live in overcrowed habitats are also at risk of damaging their tails whether through accidents or constantly rubbing up against other animals. In these cases a large amount of fur is generally lost from the tail however it is likely to grow back if the overcrowding is fixed. Overcrowding is also a bad idea because it promotes disease and if one gerbil becomes sick it sis likely that a large number of them will as well.

If the tail has been badly damaged it may have to be removed. Obviously only a veternarian should perform this procedure which will include antibiotic treatment. In most cases it can be wrapped in gauze and allowed to heal. Sometimes an antibacterial cream may also need to be used.


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