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Starvation most often occurs in environments where the gerbils are overcrowded. When they are too many gerbils housed together they will often fight for food. This will cause the weaker or younger gerbils to not receive enough food and water. Sometimes when a new gerbil is introduced to a habitat the previous ones will prevent the new one from receiving food. This is a show of dominance by the older gerbils.

If overcrowding is the cause you can try to add another dish of food or monitor them more closely to ensure all gerbils are receiving a sufficient food supply. If this fails the only way to eliviate this is by moving some of the gerbils to another cage.

Young gerbils may have trouble reaching the food or water supplies. Since young gerbils need a large amount of food and water to properly develop it will not take long before serious health issues arise with them. To ensure these young gerbils have access to food and water you can use a shallower food dish and place the water bottle closer to the surface of the cage.


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