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Rough Fur

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Rough fur on your gerbil is generally a sign of another condition at work. Some diseases including parasitic infections have been know to cause rough hair in gerbils. Accompanying the rough hair may be spots or patches of hair loss.

High humidity levels can commonly cause your gerbils fur to become rough. 50% and higher humidity is far too high for gerbils and is likely to cause this condition. High humidity generally occurs in habitats which have a sealed lid on them because this does not allow adequate air flow and the moisture is allowed to build up. Aquariums may be easy to create a gerbil enclosure out of and easy to clean but the promote a humidity level that is too high. If you do use an aquarium to house your gerbils in, ensure that there is plenty of air circulation to dissipate the humid air.

If you have already checked the humidity levels and they appear to be appropriate for your gerbil it is recommended that you take it to see your veterinarian. As mentioned above rough hair or hair loss is usually an early warning sign that your gerbil has another disease or infection.


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