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Nutritional Problems

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The main reason for nutritional problems in gerbils is a lack of proper nutrients and vitamins in homemade food. Commercially prepared gerbil food generally contains all the required vitamins to help your gerbil thrive and live a healthy life. Be very careful when feeding your gerbil homemade food or table scapes as it may not contain all the vitamins that a gerbil requires. If you are certain that you wish to make prepare your own gerbil feed be sure that all of their food requirements are met. This takes a lot more work than most gerbil caregivers are expecting.

The first sign of a nutritional deficiency in gerbils is usually an overall lack of energy and movement. If you notice your gerbil becoming sick more often than it should be this can also be a sign.

In general, there is not a need to limit the food supply to your gerbil as they will limit themselves. However, occasionally the gerbil will continue to eat to the point that it is overweight. If you notice your gerbil eating excessively or gaining unnecessary weight you should try to limit the amount of food that they have at their disposal on a daily basis. If you have any doubts about the food that you are feeding your gerbil review our gerbil feeding guide to learn more about their requirements.

When your gerbil is not eating properly its immune system will become weakened which makes it more susceptable to health issues. This should give you ample reasoning to ensure that your hamsters nutritional requirements are met.


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