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Epilepsy in gerbils causes seizures which many times appear to come out of nowhere. While the gerbil is having a seizure it can easily cause physical harm to itself by hitting an object in its cage. Seizures usually are caused by high stress levels or rough handling of the animal.

In recent years significant amounts of research has been done on epilepsy and gerbils. It has been found that if you handle the gerbil numerous times during the first few weeks of its life you can significantly reduce the risk of it forming epilepsy later in life.

Epilepsy can be inherited from the parents which means that if you know either of the parents are prone to epilepsy you should take the advice given above regarding handling. Gerbils which are inbred almost always will have these seizures at some point in their lives as they are much more likely to have some degree of epilepsy. Inbreeding can also cause many other health issues that you can read about in our gerbil health section.


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