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Handling Gerbils

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Gerbils are relatively small rodents and they generally do not bite unless they are frightened which makes them easy to handle. If you are carefull when you handle the gerbil and handle it regularly they usually will not be scared.

Never pick a gerbil up by its tail as the tail is not strong enough to handle the entire weight of the gerbil being suspended from it. The best way to hold a gerbil is by cupping your hand and placing the gerbil inside of it. Beware that gerbils can run very fast if frightened and if you let them get lose in the house they can be hard to catch. They are likely to go hide in a small area which can make it difficult to find them.

When young children are handling gerbils an adult should be present at all times to ensure the child is using proper techniques and not injuring the gerbil. When the child is done handling the gerbil they should wash their hands immediately to avoid the risk of obtaining any diseases that the gerbil may have.


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