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Gerbil Feeding

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Commercially prepared gerbil food is usually the best choice when it comes to feeding your gerbil. The manufacturers of these foods have taken into account the various vitamins and nutrients that a gerbil needs to remain healthy.

Do not keep replenishing your gerbils food dish before it is empty. They have a tendency at first to pick out the items that they enjoy the most. This means that they will only recieve a select few vitamins and nutrients as opposed to the full-spectrum that the gerbil mix was intended to provide.

You may also wish to supplement your gerbils regular diet with small pieces of fruit. Over time you will find out which types of fruit your gerbil prefers as they will usually leave the ones they do not like untouched. By observing this you will know which kinds of fruit to feed them in the future. Be sure to remove uneaten pieces of fruit before they become rotten.

Avoid feeding your gerbil fatty foods such as peanuts and sunflower seeds on a regular basis. Gerbils do really enjoy these foods but only use them as a treat on occasion. In moderation there are no negative health effects but in large quantities they can cause significant weight gain. If you notice that your gerbil is gaining excess weight you may wish to eliminate these fatty foods from their diet entirely.


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