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Gerbil Behavior

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Gerbils are relatively simple animals in terms of their behavior but there are a few characteristics that all gerbil owners should be aware of.


Since gerbils are rodents they are constantly chewing because their teeth never stop growing. To facilitate this ensure that they have items in their cage to chew on such as blocks of wood. Serious problems can occur with their teeth if they are unable to keep them at a reasonable length. If they are overgrown it will likely be necessary to have them clipped. If they do not have items in their cage to chew on they will likely chew on the metal bars which can cause the teeth to become chipped or grow crooked.


Usually there is little that you would need to do to groom your gerbil as they will take care of this themselves. If you have multiple gerbils in the same enclosure they may actually groom each other. This will assist the gerbil in cleaning the hard to reach places.

If you notice that they are not keeping their fur as clean as it should be you can offer them a shallow container of sand to roll in. By rolling in the sand the gerbil will be better able to clean its fur.


Interactions Amongst Gerbils

Gerbils love to have at least one other gerbil in their cage with them. You will notice that they tend to play with each other for long periods during the day. If you notice that one or both of the gerbils are frequently screaming they may actually be fighting. In this case it will be necessary to seperate the gerbils. Sometimes gerbils that are members of the same family will start to fight. This usually happens as the baby gerbils mature. When gerbils live in the wild as soon as the babies mature they are sent off on their own.

If you have an older gerbil and you attempt to introduce a younger one to the cage it is likely that they will end up fighting. This is not always the case you can try to put them together just be sure to monitor their activities closely over the coming days.


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