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How to Build a Frog Pond

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The following article can be used as a basic guide for building a frog pond in your backyard. Frog ponds are a great way to liven up your backyard and attract other animals as well.

To build the pond begin by digging a hole in the ground and then lining it with some sort of pond liner. Pond liner can be found at your local gardening or hardware store. For best results the water depth should be about 1 foot deep. When digging the pond ensure that the edges are not too steep. If they are the frogs may not be able to exit the water afterwards. Other small animals that go into the pond may drown if they are unable to get out.

The biggest mistake that most people make when tending to their frog ponds is they try to make it too clean. If you remove all the plant growth from the edges of the pond the frogs will not feel secure there. The plant growth around the perimeter gives them a place to hide. Placing some water lilies or other aquatic plants in the pond will also help with this. In the fall when the leaves fall on the pond try to leave them floating on the top to provide warmth for the frogs under water. If there are not many trees by your pond you should add more leaves to the pond from surrounding trees.

As frogs are very susceptible to chemical poisoning it will be necessary to eliminate the use of pesticides in the area surrounding the pond. Even using pesticides on other areas of your lawn can cause problems with the frogs if the rain washes the chemicals into the pond.


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